I recognize how difficult the decision is to choose an attorney. When seeking criminal representation, most people are unfamiliar with the criminal justice system (both the law and the process), are scared and in crisis. The most effective and rewarding attorney client relationship, is a working one. The attorney and client should be effectively engaged in the case from beginning to end. I make sure to provide copies of all discovery to clients. I require that clients meet with me regularly in the office. I ask clients to meet me crime scenes. I want a client who is involved in his or her defense as an active participant.

Phone calls will be returned

I answer my own phone unless I’m in court or in a meeting.
I give clients my cell phone number.
I may not answer every call, but I check messages often and make every effort to return all calls as soon as possible.
I will forward you a copy of each and every piece of discovery for your review. This includes, but is not limited to: police reports, complaints, applications for complaint, drug analysis certificates, etc.
Face to face time with me

Meeting with clients is an integral & ongoing part of effective representation.
Representation of the client, who is charged with a criminal offense, is most effective when clients take the time to come in to review discovery or walk through a crime scene. This attention to detail makes me a better advocate and you a more empowered defendant.

Keep appointments
Stay in contact – return calls & make use of e-mail
Complete assignments
Not talk to anyone regarding your case
Make all payments in a timely manner.
Come to office appointments & court appearances dressed appropriately.