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Ready To Fight Your Traffic Ticket?

If you are steaming mad about your ticket and ready to fight it, then figuring out how to plead not guilty to speeding ticket charges is the way to win. Getting a speeding ticket is a humiliating experience, and you’re entitled to be upset. To add insult to injury, the system is rigged against you. The court system is intimidating and set up to efficiently extract cash from your wallet – not to administer justice. Don’t let them do this to you. You can beat them at their own game if you know how. To plead not guilty to speeding ticket charges is where to start.

The best way to start beating your ticket is to delay your court date. The first thing you do is plead not guilty, which starts the decaying process. This increases your odds of beating your ticket. A few things to remember: Only 5% of all tickets are contested. Around 40% or almost half of that 5% get ultimately dismissed, with the officer not showing up as the main reason. Delaying the case increases the odds of the officer not showing up, and you can ask for the case to be dismissed if they don’t. The judge will grant your request in over 95% of the cases where they don’t show up. The more time you put between when your ticket was written, and the court case, the less the officer will remember about your case. Writing tickets is routine for an officer. They write 5-10 per day. Just like any repetitive task, you quickly forget details. Your defense is now more accessible because the officer won’t remember the details of your case. More here

The following specific steps are how to plead not guilty to speeding ticket charges and start the delay:
Plead not guilty by checking the not guilty box on your ticket and mail it before the due date. You’ll get a response from the court system with an arraignment date. An arraignment is simply for you to enter your plea formally.
Plead not guilty and go home. You’ll then get a summons with a court date assigned.
Send back a request for a new date with any reason you want to make. This is called a Motion to Continue.
You’ll get a new summons with a new court date assigned.
Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you get a denial letter. They will usually allow you to do this 3 or 4 times before denying it. With the first step you take to Plead Not Guilty to Speeding Ticket charges, you have increased your odds of beating the system. I’m sure you told the officer off and put them in their place! All in your mind, just like we all have, of course. You’ve taken the first crucial step to beating your speeding ticket with the decision to Plead Not Guilty to Speeding Ticket charges. Once you have all the correct information on how to get out of your ticket, your day in court will be fun.

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